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CAPee Face Shields

CAPee Shields Inc. presents a collection of face shields designed with safety, reusability, comfort,and style in mind.  

The shield is a high quality lexan which resists scratches and has less distortion. 
It is treated with an anti-fog solution and designed with ample space between the face and the shield.

Most importantly, it provides “Expression with Protection.”

Now Available
The CAPee
A full-face shield
with stylish cap.
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Now Available
CAPee Visor
A full face shield
with visor.
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The CAPee is perfect for doctors, nurses, teachers, and other front line workers looking for a comfortable, stylish way to improve their ability to work safely.

The CAPee is also great to have at home for those times you wish to protect your face from chemical spray (chlorine for your pool, weed/bug spray, cleaning products, etc).

Employers can take advantage of this stylish shield by providing their employees with customized CAPees that advertise their business and keep their employees comfortable and protected.

Made to Order Cotton CAPees
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What a great product! I feel much more comfortable wearing this instead of the typical mask, and it is WAY more attractive.

A very professional looking face shield that allows me to do my job efficiently and comfortably!

“I am so thankful I came across this company!  As a requirement of being an RN, I must have eye protection while at work.  I’ve tried goggles, safety glasses and other visors but they all distort or obstruct my vision.  The CAPee-Visor has eliminated this problem!  I can see everything I need to!  The visor is comfortable and breathable. And when I am finished my shift, I simply wipe it clean with the hospital supplied cleaning wipes!  The visor has stayed clear and fog-free for months even when using the harsh cleaning chemicals!  I ordered the CAPee pins, which are super cute and work really well to save my ears from the mask straps!”

Tammy Ross, RN