The Need for CAPees:

CAPee stands for Collaborative Advanced Protection Equipment for Everyone and it's our goal to provide safe, attractive, personal protection equipment for all ages.  CAPee Shields Inc. is our company name.  As a former teacher and health care professional we started by creating a shield that kids could wear to school that would help reduce spread of viruses but allowed kids to be taught in an environment where smiles are still seen and shared.  It is the called the CAPee+.  We expanded to create The CAPee and the CAPee Visor.

The CAPee and CAPee Visor are high quality shields that can be worn with and without a mask depending on regulations.  We shifted focus to get these available first as we saw the need for professionals and front line workers to have shields that did not crinkle, that they could see out off and are reusable.    We also saw first hand in hospitals that physicians were struggling to do procedures with shields that rest too close to the face. 

For people with health conditions, hearing difficulties or simply are not able to wear a mask, wearing a comfortable, high quality shield is a pleasant alternative that makes this difficult time more bearable.  Of course the CAPee and CAPee- visor can be worn with a mask and to make this even more comfortable on the ears, we have buttons to hook the mask on, avoiding the ears altogether.  This is particularly helpful for people who where glasses. 

Lastly, our motivation to provide a high quality shield was driven by our desire to reduce the copious amount of plastic waste generated by this recent pandemic.  The design and quality of materials ensures the CAPee will last many months with proper care.  Presently, many low risk areas are using shields that are tossed each day.  Employers could help the environment and save money by investing in a CAPee or CAPee-Visor for their staff. 


Now the we've made the CAPee and CAPee-Visor available we are shifting our focus back to our original goal; the CAPee+.

The CAPee+ is in its final stages of design and our proudest creation.  



The CAPee+ Advantages:

The CAPee+ is a face shield that fully-encompasses the head and face allowing expression with protection. This can be used as a tool to contain the saliva droplets we spread when we speak or breathe - similar to how a face mask works.  It also minimizes the amount the user can touch their face.  This is important because we know touching our face and then surfaces is one of the ways viruses can spread.

We also wanted to design something that is stylish, and provides a sense of uniqueness.  The CAPee+ will come in standard colours like the other CAPee versions but our hope is to provide kids (and adults) the options of selecting their own patterns giving them a chance to express who they are.  

In environments that are considered low risk the CAPee+ would be a safe alternative to wearing a mask.  In schools, it would allow kids to interact in a more natural way since they would not be able to touch each others' face.  Kids would be able to learn non-verbal skills that are vital to development and see teacher's expressions which are equally important.  Learning all day with a wet mask is not fun, but wearing a comfortable, vibrant shield is a smart, safe alternative.  In care homes, where residents are often isolated and have some hearing loss having workers show their face would brighten everyone's day and reduce the stress of speaking loud and repeating ones self.


Reasons to choose the CAPee+:

  • Protection from Viruses (like COVID 19)
  • Minimize ability to touch the face
  • Comfortable and Stylish
  • Breathable Materials