CAPee Basic

CAPee Basic

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Available only in white, this CAPee has a cap made of 100% waterproof vinyl.  It has the same great quality lexan shield with the cap attached.   The white vinyl CAPee has the cap sewn to the shield and is not removeable. 

This CAPee is designed for environments where droplets or spray are more of a concern of soaking through.  Having the cap attached enables the user to quickly don PPE.  This is particularly important in emergency settings.

This shield is also great to have around the home for situations where you'd like your face, eyes and hair protected.  Check out our "Gallery" section for photos of our customers using the CAPee in real world situations.


  • waterproof
  • easy to clean
  • easy on and off

CAPee Care:

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Comfortable, love that it's far from the face allowing me to see better and it doesn't hit my glasses.

Dr. Cyrus Hsia

Was light weight and didn't even feel like it was on. Visibility was clear.

Physician from Colorado, USA

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The CAPee +

Our deluxe face shields are designed to be a comfortable way to protect each other from dangerous viruses and show our expressions at the same time. They are enclosed at the top and below the chin reducing the ability to touch one's face and spread droplets.

The CAPee+ is intended to be a used in situations where social distancing is not possible and communication with a mask is difficult.

Hard of hearing individuals, teachers, health care providers and the elderly benefit from having the mouth seen. It allows for lip reading and a smile!

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